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Updated on Monday, December 14


OMG: So why was the police talking to that guy during the 4:00 pm exam at red north.
Was he caught cheating?


  1. LOL cheating is an academic offence - police would not be involved.

    1. hey just reporting what I saw.
      I finished my exam early and was just waiting until the hour has pasted and I saw one of the proctors escorting a student who was sitting way at the front outside of the gym and to the front of the PAC office.
      Then he was talking to two police officers and they were writing something down. I couldn't hear what they were saying as I passed by but it was super odd how they stopped his exam so he can talk to two police officers.

    2. @1 police can and have been called before. Read up on the student who went to court for fraud charges.