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Updated on Monday, December 7



There was a woman who smelled like my mother while I was standing in line for food. Once I left, I couldn't stop crying. I miss her so much. Perfume is more than just "it smells good" but it brings back so many memories. Uhhh.


  1. The sense of smell is uniquely connected to memory. All other sense must first pass through the thalamus, a neural relay center, before connecting to memory and emotion related regions of the brain. Smell has direct connections to the hippocampus and the limbic system, giving rise to this strong connection between emotion, memory, and scents.

  2. I'm sorry dude.
    I hope you can find some comfort with family and friends.

  3. A few terms ago, there was a guy wearing Light Blue in one of my lectures. I couldn't stop thinking about my ex for days afterwards. That was his signature scent. I can only imagine what it must have felt like for you, OP.