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Updated on Tuesday, December 1



27-year old UW student got caught smuggling 51 turtles in his pants. 



  1. that's so messed up, makes me sick that someone would do that

  2. So
    Get turtles you can't at Canada shipped to the U.S.
    Get turtles from US to Canada
    Then Canada to China? Or sell them to buyers in Canada?
    For what?

  3. A year ago though....he only just plead guilty now.

  4. 21st century bootlegger

  5. Some of them were hidden in between his legs? I feel like keeping "snapping" turtles anywhere near your genitals is probably a bad idea to start with.

  6. Animal smugglers are some of the worst pieces of shit out there. Drug smugglers look like saints next to them. More than half of animals smuggled in batches like this die before they reach their destinations due to suffocation, dehydration, crushing, starvation or terror from the extremely stressful conditions they are transported in. For the ones that make it, if they escape or are released into the wild in a foreign country, they have no natural predators and become invasive, doing huge damage to the local ecosystem.
    Seriously, this guy deserves to be beaten bloody.

    1. I know all this from my brother who is a border officer. He's told me stories of some of the things people have tried to get away with, including one guy smuggling parrots, who was caught because he had a mother and chick among the ones taped inside his clothes and the mother was crying in distress because the baby had died.

  7. Moral of the story: Nothing will go into a UW students' pants willingly.

  8. Asian of course. Planet rapers.