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Updated on Monday, November 30



How oblivious do you have to be to compare a mental disorder to a problem. Wtf


  1. Im not a specialist but imo its somewhere between retarded and autistic

  2. Dunno OP, is your learning disability a problem?

    1. Problem = a choice, within your control, easy to manipulate and change
      Mental disorder = no choice, out of your control

    2. It doesn't give you a reason to not be a decent normal human being. You should to responsible for your mental disorder and do your best to control it (for example taking medication, seeing a doctor, etc etc). If the mental disorder is intellectual debilitating then others around you should be the ones responsible because canada has a great program that support those with intellectual disability. I'm guessing the person you were talking to was talking about how people with mental disorders use it as an excuse to do whatever they want. Some act like total assholes in public and claim they have a mental disorder so they can act that way. And I'm not talking about individuals who sometimes yell or make loud noises because of intellectual disability but individual who act rude and claim they have depression or social anxiety etc etc.