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Updated on Thursday, November 26


OMG: Serious: chinese kids everywhere speaking chinese everywhere is driving me batshit crazy.. luckily, i know im the abnormal one here and i need serious help. Where can i get help


  1. it is unknown that waterloo has a lot of chinese kids or something
    jesus chirst just don't come to this school

  2. Imagine what it's like for them... white people everywhere speaking english everywhere. The only refuge they have is the UW campus.

  3. If you want any help with it, Renison offers Chinese language classes for beginners!

    1. this exactly, more people need to adapt to chinese culture if you come to uWaterloo. I always see complaints about everyone speaking Chinese here but nobody criticises the fact that in universities like Guelph, everybody speaks English and the Chinese there feel left out.

    2. Yeah, go fuck yourself. English and French are the national languages. Nobody criticizes that because it's normal and there is nothing wrong with it, because it's Canada and English is the national language.

      You come to Canada and talk about feeling left out because people speak English? WTF.