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Updated on Thursday, November 26


OMG: Wut... I literally met this guy earlier today through a mutual friend, have never seen him before, we don't even know each other's names ... and he just came up to me and asked me for help on our assignment ... BYE


  1. You sound like a bitch.

    1. Yeah, he is just asking for help on an assignment it's not a huge deal at all. You could even do that to someone you didn't know at all.

  2. Babe u got daddy issues?

  3. OP, you're either the type of cunt who thinks that every guy she meets is hitting on her, or you're the type of cunt who is super uptight about your schoolwork and think it is a fierce competition in which you can't help anybody.
    Either way, I bet most people don't like you. I give props to the guy for even approaching you regardless of his intentions, because you sound like a real shitty person to be around.