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Updated on Tuesday, November 17


OMG: Ive been feeling really depressed and lonely lately but my anxiety is making it hard for me to take myself out of my comfort zone and meet people or talk to someone about it :(


  1. Start small with social media or something to say hi to someone you already know?
    I know you can make it! :)

  2. Start with making an appointment at health services. Don't think about it, just go there now. They can help you with depression and anxiety. Also, remember when asked what you are there for you don't have to say anything out loud... you can point to "mental health" on a list of things. A lot of people go through what you are experiencing, so you should not feel ashamed in any way.

    1. Don't take he pills. Just don't. Trust me, they fucked me up completely.

  3. The Women's Centre and the Glow Centre have Peer Support Counselling where their offices close for hour each day except for the peer counselor so you can go in and talk privately with someone. It's a lot more relaxed and laid back and can be a good first step in getting help.

  4. You also have the option for MATES.It is a peer support program and you can make more friends that way or you can just talk about your feelings.They are trained volunteers.