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Updated on Tuesday, November 17


OMG: I'm so excited for the parking ticket I'm going to get because I stupidly only paid for an hour of parking to be at health services. 

Little did I know that three hours later I'd still be fucking waiting to be seen by a doctor. 


  1. Did you make an appointment?

    If you are a walk-in the wait time is very long, I go to the clinic in the plaza if I need a walk-in.

  2. If this is your first ticket, don't pay it. I got like 4 tickets and never paid them shit. They have no way of knowing who the cat is registered to. Only thing is if you rack up enough tickets, they'll eventually tow you. 3 or 4 should be fine. It was for me.

    1. the mental picture of a "registered cat" getting a ticket made me smile

  3. 3 open tickets or >75$ whichever comes first

  4. At least you realized you were stupid for only paying for an hour of parking