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Updated on Friday, November 13



Yale - privileged racist black students throw hissy fit and try to get white male to control his wife

Mizzou - privileged racist black students get president fired for having white skin and not being anti-white

And now I'm starting to see protests in support of all the anti-white nonsense? The world is fucked. This shit better not happen here.


All these student protests lately are ridiculous. Having the privilege to attend university (especially YALE) automatically puts you in the top 1% of society. You are NOT opressed.

How the hell do they expect to get taken seriously when they fucking snap their fingers because clapping is too offensive for their delicate ears? These children never grew up.


  1. Yeah this shit is getting out of hand. And by god the fucking rudeness of the SJWs at these protests. Pushing away cameras so that they can be in a "safe space" ???? What kind of fucking bullshit is that

    1. I'm starting to see the SJW agenda being propagated here, in waterloo, as well.

  2. >You are NOT oppressed
    that's practically hate speech you know.

  3. The Globe and Mail had a good article about this. Yes, the issue is that SJWs need something to complain about so they manufacture issues that need to be "fixed." The best course of action is to let them rant on their own in their little tin foil hats and simply ignore them.

  4. yea this is a fucking disgrace.

  5. Shouldn't students who go to Yale have the sense to not do and say racist and culturally inappropriate things to begin with? Black students are allowed to get angry. They are allowed to demand change. So what if they go to Yale, so what if they are geniuses and supposedly the top 1%? They can still be oppressed. Of course they don't have it as bad as some other people, but oppression isn't a contest. Their voice supports black people everywhere, including black people who don't have the privilege to go to Yale.
    About the incident at mizzou, the president RESIGNED because he wasn't looking after the safety and concerns of black students. Their lives were in danger! They were receiving threat after threat and the president wasn't doing anything. They were expected to attend classes, go to midterms, and continue with their daily lives all while being in DANGER.

    1. This is all wrong.

      The Mizzou thing started because the gay, black, perpetual victim attention whore student body president claimed his life was in danger. Then he claimed that the KKK were on campus. He has since apologized for LYING about this. I'd be willing to bet none of it ever happened.

      Then the football team refused to play. If this happened the school would have lost millions because of league contracts.

      If you are really to ignorant to see it, racist black students made up lies to extort the president out of his position because his skin was white. Thats fucked up.

    2. To 5a), there were anonymous online threats against black students. You can't ignore that just because it doesn't suit your opinion.

    3. 5b)

      95% of those threats are made by black students themselves to further their propaganda.

      The other 5% are jokesters who are now getting their lives ruined over a prank so that black people have someone to hate

      Try again

  6. No matter what percentile of society you are classified as, or whichever race you belong to, racism is not okay and having your life is in danger is not okay.

  7. A safe space doesn't mean a space where you don't have to hear things that you don't agree with. A safe space is a place free of censure where ideas can be discussed solely on their merit. The thing these people are talking about is a crib.

  8. The fact is the black activists and leftwing activists have long since turned into parodies of themselves. They think they are accomplishing something, whereas really all they are doing is making people tune them out.

    Look at the idiots who protested Christie Blatchford by locking themselves together. They didn't like the fact her book on Caledon reflected poorly on the conduct of the First Nations protestors so they wanted to shut her down. Of course, the university in typical cowardly fashion folded.

    I find it interesting that one of the protestors mentioned one of his profs had formerly been a member of ARA in Toronto, a violent mob of leftwing activistis. Apparently she can talk openly about that...I can't help but wonder if someone said they were formerly a member of Stormfront or some such bullshit would they be equally as well received.

    The worst example I can think of though was that protest at a speech by some guy from an organization called CAFE at U of T. The protestors there were, frankly, unhinged. Screaming obscenities in people's faces, blocking doors, resisting police, etc. Kind of funny really, how so many of them were blabbering about 'the patriarchy', when in reality it was 'the partiarchy' that was saving their ass. There some bitch screaming 'fucking scum' in some guys face over and over. If a guy did that, they get a fist in the face, but she relies on the fact she won't get hit because she's a girl to keep her safe and get away with being a complete cunt.

    The left is a joke.

  9. LMFAO which yale students think they're oppressed? should get expelled just for that