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Updated on Friday, November 13



So I've seen some vids of police brutality recently and this reminded me of an incident that happened last year around this time. It was on a tight and bright themed bomber Wednesday 2014 and while waiting in line I saw a man being brutally beaten (kicked and kneed in the face) by bomber bouncers. There were several other people in line with my friend and I and no one took action, no one said anything or took a vid because I guess we were all so in shock that someone was being BEAT in the great hall. The victim's face was covered in blood, he was out of breath, and I was honestly worried that they were going to beat him up so badly that they would kill him. When I went up to the bouncer to have them check my ID they told me the guy was giving them attitude so he "deserved it" (paraphrase from what I remember). I don't know if anyone reported this as brutality, but no mater how much attitude someone gives someone else, that does not justify violence. I convocated last term, and I still feel really bad for not reporting this. So I guess my point is please stand up for yourself and others around you. Just because someone has "authority", that does not justify their wrong actions.