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Updated on Tuesday, November 10



The mc/host at sex toy bingo picked 1 latina girl, 1 black girl and 1 asian girl.... everyone else he picked was white even though there were a lot of non-white individuals volunteering. Just saying....


  1. Things white people enjoy
    - Helly Hansen jackets
    - Expensive cookies/baked treats
    - Steak
    - Cinnamon
    - Pies
    - Other white people

  2. This doesn't mean much without saying what was the total amount of people picked...

    1. *Forgot to count 2 brown guys as well in my original post

      but reply to #2... During the games there were a total of about 27 participants chosen for 5 separate games. When it came down to the games where he would have the judgement as for who was the winner, he always chose the white team
      1) the two brown guys should've won when they were playing the icing/licking game. The white girl was gagging the whole time and didn't lick much off her friend.
      2) the black girl was damn good at giving a strip dance during the human stripper pole game and he still declared the white couple as winner

      it was obvious in the winner's faces and the crowds' reaction that people did not agree with the mc's decision

  3. dat white sexy privilege doe...

  4. ... not sure if just weren't paying attention but there were 2 black girls chosen during the human pole dancing
    the contest for the icing licking had 2 brown guys (i know you mentioned that after) but the other team was an asian girl and a white girl (im 98% sure but I was drinking so no guarantees)
    I saw an asian male who was also chosen for one of the games, but i wasn't really paying much attention to who was being chosen so there may have been more
    I'm pretty sure the reason the pair that one the pole dancing contest won because the girl took her top off and went wild (but that's just my opinion) and not just because they were white (not that I didn't think the other two should've won)
    There were quite a few of 'white' looking individuals in the crowd
    Also, I wanted to point out that you can't 'just say' that the host didn't have much variety in the races he chose to put on stage because I can promise you, you have no idea what race I am and I was chosen as a participant. There are many mixed people out there that look "white"
    and no, i don't look 'white' in any way

  5. im just surprised there was a black girl in the first place

  6. the mc needs a checklist of ethnicities so he can be sure to call up exactly one of every group next time

  7. Lol fuck off, now white people winning bingo is racist?

    1. being white is racist

    2. get staked a d burnt bitches

    3. being white won't be racist until all the mother fuckers get slaved, laced with bio warfare, human trafficked to have their organs pulled off, be experimented on, and sold off as whores, have their countries bombed on and people ripped into pieces, running wild with their head burst with blood gushing out, had their backs stabbed, and be forced to give all control by organizations like imf, etc

    4. #7 OP meant the side games not the actual bingo part of sex toy bingo