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Updated on Tuesday, November 10



To the UW Apprentice guy who spammed a mailing list for a game you signed up for with an advertisement for your club, you've sure done a good job making yourself and your club look like a bunch of asshats.


To the guy who stole our mailing list to spam people about UWApprentice - I didn't realize that there needed to be a "don't spam people" notice on the mailing list access page. I hope who ever's in charge names the inevitable new rule against it "The UWApprentice Rule".


  1. Please do name it "The UW Apprentice Rule", that'd be an awesome way to promote the club even more!


  3. According to a Feds exec, emailing the list was "a great marketing strategy, nothing wrong with it", so guess those asshats are actually pretty dope at marketing.