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Updated on Tuesday, November 10



To the person in Dp Nov 9th 7th floor around 7 pm. If you're going to tap your feet profusely really loud like some crazed hyena then you need to get yourself out of the library and to the petting zoo. Do you know how annoying you are? Maybe I should come to your desk and start shaking it yelling monkey sounds, sound like a plan?

MOD'S NOTE: TL;DR, I welcome the OMGUW community to tell me how I should have talked to them directly rather than posted an OMG about it.


  1. Surely not as annoying as bitchy little children that can't block out background noise and expect the world to cater to them.

    Life is full of stuff, stuff makes noise. Deal.

    1. Grown-ups can control the amount of noise they make, whether or not it's necessary, and where they do it. That's not "background noise", it's someone acting like the noises they're purposefully making are somehow out of their control. Fuck them and fuck you.

    2. Here's an idea, if you actually don't have the self control to focus through background noise, put on your big boy/girl pants and politely ask them to stop.

      Don't act like someone unknowingly tapping their foot or pen or what ever the fuck they do when they're lost in thought that you can't handle is some sort of travesty against good order.

      "Purposefully making".. lol

      Bitchy little children indeed.