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Updated on Sunday, November 8



Only four 400-level ActSc courses being offered in Winter 2016 and two of them overlap. Thanks for screwing over the majority of 4B students, Math Faculty. I thought the whole point of pre-enrollment was to avoid conflicts like this.


  1. In all likelihood, the reason for the overlap is probably that not enough people selected both of those two courses.

    Also, no advisor in Math that I know of would recommend taking four 4th year ActSci courses at once.

  2. Considering you're clearly not a sequence C'er and don't have back to back spring terms for your 4th year, you have no right to complain for what's most likely you not planning your courses out. Sequence C literally has only the most generic of course 431, 432, 445 available for 4th year (ya not even 446) and an entire group of us graduated a few weeks ago. It's as simple as looking at what courses you need to graduate and when they're offered.

    You can't blame the university for your poor planning and what I'm assuming was a reluctance to see an advisor ahead of time.

    1. I've had my terms planned for years based on prerequisites and class availability, and I saw an advisor two terms ago to go over everything and confirm my plans. It is however out of my control that 433 will be offered TTh 8:30 to 9:50 while 455 will be TThF 9:30 to 10:20. Because of a 20 minute overlap two times a week I now get to waste my time in a P&C class instead of taking a relevant life insurance course.
      But thanks for assuming the worst about me.

  3. Our undergrad ActSc program is a piece of sh*t