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Updated on Friday, November 6



I wanna cry now. Everything is going so wrong, just so much stress dealing with irrelevant people trying to create more stress for me. Got a 45% on a paper I spent A LOT of time on, I don't know even know how that's possible. I've never gotten such a low mark. 


  1. just relax
    Just see the bigger picture and don't give up.
    Hang in there bud you can do it.

  2. Echoing what 1 said.

    But also, send your prof an e-mail and set up an appointment to go through your paper. Get some advice on how to improve it. Maybe even ask your prof if he/she'd be willing to critique a practice rewrite to help you improve.

    You will be okay!

  3. Don't worry, it happens to many people! Just forget about it and focus on other upcoming projects and yeah as mentioned above, go see your prof. Good Luck!

  4. Time does not equal skill. Someone with no artistic talent could spend weeks on a painting that still ends up looking like shit. Have you considered you might just be in the wrong course?

  5. It's possible the mark was just entered incorrectly into learn?