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Updated on Thursday, November 5


OMG: "I wish I had a girlfriend. Just so I could vent to someone without being ridiculed/ get an honest opinion on my life. That's all."


  1. this is a real thing. most of my first three years here I was single (some short relationships but nothing that lasted) but now that i've been with my s/o for almost a year now, I can honestly say that having that rock in your life really helps.

  2. Without a girlfriend/boyfriend:
    - Aching for someone to hold and hold you in return
    - Someone to listen to and share your inner feelings with
    - Lie in bed at night wondering what it would be like

    With a girlfriend/boyfriend:
    - Filtering everything you send to them to make sure it's as witty/funny/smart as possible
    - What did that look mean? Is it something I did?
    - Am I really attractive to them? Why don't they say things like this used to?
    - Lie in bed at night wondering if they care about you the way you care for them

    - Improve yourself until you have something to build confidence on
    - Derive your own sense of achievement from the things you accomplish
    - Don't allow your self-value to depend on how another person feels about you

    - How you make people feel is more important than what they think of you
    - Pretending to be someone you're not can get you into a relationship, but it will quickly spiral out into chaos before you have a chance to appreciate it
    - People with expectations you can't achieve aren't worth pursuing

  3. How about not having shitty friends that would ridicule you and/or not give you honest opinions

  4. My friends do this for me. Seriously, utterly and completely. Good friends should.