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Updated on Wednesday, October 28



What do you guys feel about people gaming in public? (Assuming they have their headsets on) Do people have the right to do what they want in public spaces or do others who are overly-sensitive to noise have the right to remove them? Do we need a dictator to enforce what is and is not allowed in public study areas?


  1. If they are doing in the library
    There are BARELY enough spaces for everyone to sit because of people who leave their backpack for 2 hours and reserve their study spaces or people who watches netflicks for 3/4 times they are there so students DON'T need people to start playing games in study areas.
    I don't care if you only play for 5 minutes but your fucking 100 clicks per seconds is annoying as fuck and it doesn't matter how sensitive my hearing is just try to read while you hear a constant clicking next to you. I really hate people who play league in the library, there are places like the math lounge, DC cafe, just step out for 30 minutes and play there if you need to relieve stress but not in library beside something who is trying to study.

  2. If they are gaming at silent study, you could ask them to leave or talk to the librarian. If not, they have the right to play.

  3. Gaming in public: it's fine as long as you're not disturbing anybody. Whether or not you're disturbing people depends on the implicit/explicit social rules for that space. For instance, gaming in the SLC Great Hall is probably a non-issue at any time, since that's a social space where noisy things are always happening. On the other hand, that same level of noise might be totally inappropriate in a silent study space.

    Silent Study: we can't stop it if you're actually being silent and not disturbing others. How you spend your study time is up to you - some people nap in those study carrels in DC. That said, it's disrespectful to the people who actually need to study and can't find spaces. While there's no need for the rules to change, my pissed off self reminds you that you should just go game/nap at home.

  4. If you're playing runescape and clicking once a minute just trying to grind out that 99 firemaking, cool.

    If you're playing LoL and clicking a thousand times a second, fuck off.

    1. lmao the only time runescape is acceptable

  5. Not the library or computer labs. Im fine with places like SLC though.

  6. They are annoying as fuck in the library, should go home and do it

  7. Same as what some people have been saying, play in an area that matches your noise level. Lots of clicking? Noisy area. Not too much clicking? Anywhere is fine.

  8. I really dont care. im not policing them