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Updated on Wednesday, October 28



I don't mind when people wear expensive perfumes that have a nice scent - there's a reason why they're more expensive. But when you spray $20 crap you got from the SLC or from Sears on you, it smells like shit. Just stop. You smell better without that crap on you. 


  1. is one person making these perfume posts
    I get it
    you hate smells
    just stop posting here pls

  2. Agree with OP...also even with a quality cologne or perfume do not douse yourself in it...

  3. It is one person making these same shit posts.

  4. ITs a well known fact that perfumes and colognes rebottle the same scent and sell it to different price points. That $20 shit is also sold for $20,000 a bottle.