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Updated on Wednesday, October 28



I'm disgusted by the large amount of people that appeal to the majority. Just because the majority of people think a certain way, does NOT mean they are right. It is a huge common fallacy. But the fact that so many people feel that way, makes me think that individualism is dead :/

MOD'S NOTE: But what if the majority of people succumb to this fallacy? Then it's no longer a fallacy...


  1. If you are talking about some scientific fact, then sure, but if you are talking about people's opinions, then no

  2. But doing something that is not common is due to society and the majority so trying to be an individual to go against society is because of society itself aka it's not individualism, it's getting influenced by society.
    Only way to escape your """"""dilemma""""""" (extra quotations because it's really not a dilemma) is to truly do something because of personal belief.
    You have to do and be a person that doesn't acknowledge others AT ALL when you decide to do something. And this action could be something that could be appealing to the majority or something that goes totally against it but at the end it does not matter because you did the said action without thinking about society or individually and for pure personal desire.

  3. Fuck off, Mod. A fallacy is not dependent on the number of people who employ it you dumb shit. People use Ad Hominems all the god damn time, but that doesn't make it any less if a fallacy.

    1. Wow, people be angry. How about you take 10 slow breaths and repeat "no one give a shit" to yourself 10 times.