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Updated on Monday, October 26



PSA: cologne and perfume are not showers, please do not dump an entire bottle of it on yourself everyday. Sitting next to a wall of aggressive scent in the cramped and already muggy study spaces do not do well for people sensitive to artificial fragrances.  


  1. God damn
    Was sitting beside this fucker friday during midterms and he smelled like poop cover in Axe body spray
    Literally wanted to cut off my nose right there and then

  2. You can get thrown out for doing this.

    The university has a "share the air" policy and if someone complains (I have had to before, I am very allergic to some perfumes) you will be moved or possible turfed from the exam.

  3. Anyone down to watch a movie today (tuesday). My mom says im handsome and i have an iron ring ( that ought to get the fire started in the ladies loigns)

  4. I didn't realize how serious this is until I had an allergic reaction myself to a girl's perfume during a final exam one time. That was the first and thankfully only time it's happened to far.