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Updated on Sunday, October 25



Okay folks, this is the song and the music video I've been working on for so long! And it's done! For me, it sums up the 4+ years I spent on UW.

It was played at all 4 of the convocation ceremonies this past Friday and Saturday, in front of thousands of graduating students! :) That was my goal since my own convocation this past June, seeing my song play at convocations to come after mine. And I can't believe it actually happened - I ended up putting my little dent in University of Waterloo's history! 

This is the convocation edition of the song (we changed one line of lyrics to make life in Waterloo a bit more appealing for friends and family of graduating students: "No sleep, no rest, one almost dies" has been changed to "When midterms took me by surprise"). 

Hope you guys like it! And any feedback welcome!


  1. I don't call them playing it at the 10AM ceremony on Saturday.

    1. I was on the 230pm one in person, they played it just after 2, so it was right before students walked in. I wasn't sure how they did it in the morning, but that'd be my guess, because they did play it both ceremonies.

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