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Updated on Sunday, October 25



If a hot girl asked you out but you don't like her:
a. reject
b. pretend to like her in hopes of sex
c. date casually


  1. Depends on what you mean by "don't like." Do you just mean "not romantically interested?" Or do you mean "think she's an awful human being and feel actively repulsed/offended by the things she says?"

    If it's the latter, just say no. If it's the former, consider what you want (i.e. do you think she's hot, but honestly would prefer being just friends if all she wanted was a serious relationship, or would you be interested in casual sex?), and follow one simple rule:


    Be honest with her about how you feel, respect how she feels, and see what you might both be interested in. The worst case is that you date her thinking you might grow to like her (it doesn't work like that), or that you date her and she thinks you like her when you actually don't.

    If you're both into casual dating, or want to have some consequence-free sex, then power to you. If you realize you both genuinely like each other and want to commit, that's fantastic. And if she's not into what you're into, and you either try your hand at being friends, or go your separate ways, then that's fine too.

    Just... don't use her as a means to an end. That's never okay.

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  3. You forgot option D
    - Fuck her hot sister.

  4. see as a waterloo student I can sleep at night knowing this horrible conundrum will never happen to me

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  6. thanks? did you really need to write this down?