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Updated on Sunday, October 25



Dear Feds,

Why did you take anyway my silent study room in the slc??

Upset Student :( 


  1. Because it's for student LIFE - not student holing-yourself-up-and-not-interacting-with-anyone.

    1. Ummmm that's part of student life too...

  2. What room is this? Because the silent study room in the SLC I'm thinking of is the one on the third floor, and that's still there, last I checked.

  3. Yay! Another I HATE FEDS post for no reason! Nobody took away your silent study. If you are referring to the room on the 2nd floor that is now the Clubs Community Room, then hey, guess what? That wasn't Feds. That was a few clubs that got enough votes to make a space for themselves during a general meeting over a year ago. Want it back? Bring over 100 people and get it on the agenda next time and make it a silent study room again. Don't care? Then go to the 3rd floor and use that one. Don't blame Feds, blame your fellow students!!