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Updated on Sunday, October 25



Tired of the Imprint sucking the Liberals' dick every week.


  1. One of the Imprint Editors's is a huge Liberal supporter, campaigned with them, and has likely been the one pushing it so much.

    He probably is trying to play to the corrupt higher ups in the party or something. I would say that it is making Imprint suck, but Imprint was already garbage well before any of the election coverage.

  2. Yeah he is extremely involved with the liberal party of canada. A bit of a conflict of interest.

  3. Can we make a petition to remove this clown?

    1. Eh, petitions are just as lame as some 20 y/o editor being a huge sycophantic nutsack and sucking up to a chief politico, whomever it may be.

      Blue, red, orange... vote your lesser evil I guess, so long as we're all on the same page about these guys: On some level they're well motivated (yes, even Harper) but at the same time they are interested in power and don't mind rolling up their sleeves and making a show of licking the dirt to get ahead. Partially the fault of new media, partially the fault of a waining public respect for institutions and offices, and partially a timeless feature of human life.

      The struggle for power can be a gross game but there's no need to defile ourselves by indulging in the childish slogans and blind, fundamentalist faith.

      And per 1, of course, Imprint is a student newspaper. Still better than the McGill Daily, still worse than a rag like the Star. Not much you nor I can do about it short of working there or getting a friend to, really (not that I'd make a good journo, my capacity's admittedly pretty limited in that arena).

      We aren't going to get the old New Republic here at Waterloo by complaining about a lame-ass, starry-eyed, tripe-writing kid via some equally pansy-assed show of pseudo-democratic whinging. Fuck petitions, man. Shouting about stuff collectively is hardly better than street-corner soapboxing it for the Lord. It's all garbage only just a little bit more. (I'd say low effort garbage but some of those preachers can work it.) Actively helping out or encouraging able alternatives to get involved is a million times more effective and less idiotic to boot.

      So hopefully our favourite editor sees this thread and wipes the rose smudge off their lenses. Strive to be an Andrew Coyne or a Chantal Hebert and not an Ezra Levant nor a Michael Harris. Because you're worth it, dude. Or whatever. (I'm sure there's money in the partisan preach, too. Take your pick, bud.)

    2. That is, my capacity's admittedly pretty limited in journalism but I sure as fuck love to Monday morning quarterback. Thank Christ for the internet.

  4. hey op didnt you hear. liberals won in waterloo so i guess it's not just the editor sucking their dick. could be worse. could be conservative.