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Updated on Thursday, October 22



So many beautiful people on campus. Really, everywhere I look there is either a handsome guy or a pretty girl. Everyone is Waterloo is pretty damn sexy.

MOD'S NOTE: Haven't you heard? Nerdy is the new sexy.


  1. Sometimes I like to sit on a bench and admire the people on campus. I cut a hole into the bottom of the backpack then put my hand into the open backpack and jerk off. The fact that I'm jerking off right in front of all these unsuspecting people really gets me off.

    1. That seems like so much more trouble than discretely videotaping the sexiest people on my ipad as they walk past. I just pretend to be reading, then I have all the jerk-off material I need once I go home.

    2. now im wearing sweatpants and glaring for the rest of my campus life thx 1asshat creep patrol.

  2. you're welcome ;p

  3. Are you like perpetually drunk or some shit?