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Updated on Tuesday, October 20



To the people who stand on a crowded bus: I know it's super squishy, especially when people are getting off the bus so you have to move out of the way. It's fine if you wanna lean back towards the people sitting down to create more space for people to get on and get off, but please LOOK BEFORE YOU DO so that your backpack doesn't hit them in the face like it has almost happened to me countless times. 


  1. > almost happened to me countless times

    so it has never happened to you? I am confuse

  2. Take your backpacks off and hold them like bags. A full bag on a back takes up twice as much room as one that is being carried by hand... no one can fucking stand behind/next to you.

    1. This just makes too much sense.

  3. The question is, what do you do/say when it actually happens? It gets pretty awkward..