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Updated on Thursday, October 15


I feel like my vote doesn't matter. Voting in this election has nothing to do with who will run the country. Political parties don't control the country, money does, just like money controls the whole world. Politicians say what the money tells them to say. It doesn't matter which party wins, the money calls the shots after the election. On top of that, nothing they say before the election correlates to what happens after the election.

I can't help but notice how charismatic the leaders are, and immediately know its because you have to be when you are lying. It's all one giant fucking sham, so why should I bother voting again?


  1. Why brother living or even posting this on OMGUW when you are going to die
    Great attitude man you are going to go so far in life

  2. And now if you look to your right folks, you'll see a real life example of this comic:

  3. That's... not really true. Big money doesn't enter in to our politics or lobbying the way it does in the US. And it sure as hell doesn't play a role in our election campaigns.

    Our system does need some reform. Ideally, the candidate you vote for would be actively representing you, not serving their leader like a lemming. But just because a system is imperfect doesn't mean you should disregard it, or refuse to participate in it. Apathy has never sparked change, not once, never.

  4. The parties have their ideologies which are different and there would be some difference depending on who is elected. Better services or less taxes or somewhere in between.

  5. It's why I don't trust charismatic politicians. I liked Harper a lot better when he actually seemed like he was really socially awkward all the time, even if I didn't agree with his policies... now it feels like he's polished himself as a liar.