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Updated on Thursday, October 15


So, last week all the Waterloo Riding candidates have a debate on-campus in the SLC, where they spend a good hour talking about student issues. But in the following issue of Imprint, it doesn't even get mentioned - like it never happened.

Meanwhile, a Justin Trudeau campaign event held earlier that same day at Laurier gets a full-page spread by Imprint's managing editor, who's also a prominent member of the local Liberal candidate's campaign team.

...This doesn't smell right to me.


  1. Well the managing editor Andres Fuentes is a young liberal :;id=3;url=http%3A%2F%2Fuwhabs%2Eblogspot%2Eca%2F2006%2F09%2Fuw-young-liberals%2Ehtml

  2. I'm getting my imprint refunds from now on because of this.