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Updated on Thursday, October 15


Is it just me or does anyone else think the lady who works at the DP cafe (the tallest one) is ultra rude? I usually get something everyday, but whenever I arrive at the till, she neither greets me or says "your welcome" when I thank her. She doesn't even tell me my total or even speak a word, for that matter. This honestly makes me feel like sh*t, because I'd occasionally see her speak kindly to other students, just never me.


  1. Who cares
    She's some minimum wage fuck who's pissed at the world because she's paid minimum wage
    Let her smile at her favourites and be mean to the ones she doesn't "like"
    Lol what a sad way to live

  2. I find that you typically get what you put into social interactions. All of the café workers are nice when you show appreciation or any kind of warmth first.

    1. I don't mean just saying "thank you" without any sort of commitment or sincerity to it.

  3. She's just not very social or talkative. I've seen her engage in friendly conversation with people who initiate it. Communication is a two way street. Why don't you take the initiative and ask her how her day is going and you might find she warms up.