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Updated on Thursday, October 15


Seriously, Harper refusing to investigate missing and murdered Aboriginal women, not supporting abortion for war rape victims, closing centres left and right. Not being an avid supporter of LGBTQ rights. VOTE LIBERALS! Be strategic with your vote. Seriously people.


  1. Fuck off, you and your liberals, they'll run the country back into the hole we just came out of. Like we need more welfare cases here in Canada; coming out of your parent's pocket because you make fuck-all and are in the lowest tax bracket...

  2. Let's break your statement apart, shall we?

    1) Missing and murdered Aboriginal women. Harper has not refused to investigate it, he's left it to the RCMP to investigate. He's refused to call a national inquiry on it... because national inquiries don't accomplish anything! Seriously - can somebody tell me what it would accomplish, other than costing a lot of money for a bunch of politicians to have a bunch of meetings across the country, before releasing a report that says things everybody already knows?

    2. Abortion for war rape victims/closing abortion centres... ummm, what? The federal gov't has no jurisdiction over abortion, save for its legalization. If centres are closing, it's because the provincial government is closing them. And Harper has said literally nothing about abortion since he became PM a decade ago, except "I won't re-open that debate."

    3. LGBTQ rights. He held a vote in the Commons when he first became PM (because he promised he would), and the vote to re-open the gay marriage issue was defeated. Since then, Harper has said not a thing about it. There have even been openly gay members of his caucus. No evidence Harper gives a wit about whether or not someone is gay. "The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation" is probably one of the few things on which Harper and Trudeau Sr. would have agreed.

    Here's the kicker... I don't even like Harper! But you can tear him down just fine with his own record, you don't need to make stuff up. Maybe talk about his 9 years of disrespect for Parliament instead?

  3. Why is Liberal the only other choice on your list OP? The only candidate who has a brain and actually cares about people too is Elizabeth May (Green party). And for all the dumbasses saying "duhhhh well they won't win anyway"...they fucking would if more people voted for them.

    1. More people don't vote for them because their platform's policies would only succeed in an insane fantasy land where dreams come true.