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Updated on Thursday, October 15


Lectures are the biggest fucking joke and are not worth a damn penny! Everything is posted online, and even more, much better put together material can be found on the internet than what profs can present. It honestly blows my mind how faaaaar behind university is with technology; it's embarrassing, and it's a shame being part of this awkward generation where people waste thousands of dollars to sit and watch someone present material when they can do that at home for free.

The value doesn't come from lectures or the actual material presented, but we're paying for that anyway. It's worth much more to skip all my lectures, learn the material on my own, and visit professors and TAs one-on-one.


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    1. Actually arts are the only lectures I've ever found useful. I skip or sleep through most math (my major) lectures.

  2. Says the guy who doesn't even have a undergraduate and probably gets low 70s
    Talk big when you can get all 100s without going to a single class

    1. What's wrong with getting low 70's. Unless you're keen on academia I'm fine with my 70's since I've never ever been asked about my grades at my job lol

  3. You must be a first-year student who's in for a rude awakening this Christmas.

    Lectures matter. You want to actually learn something? Go to class. Sure, there are a couple profs out there who just read the slides, but the vast majority just use all that online material to complement what they're actually teaching.

    Not to mention lectures are usually a source of in-depth higher-level discussion about the material, that helps bring you to a place where you don't just know the concepts you need to get points on a test, but to ace the next course up (which will just assume you know all the stuff from the previous course already and therefore not review it).

  4. Everything is posted online, eh? Yeah, it's all valid too, right? #andvaccinescauseautism

  5. I wish the morons who post this stuff would at least tell us what program they're in. How are we supposed to know whether to agree or disagree with you?

  6. I tend to agree with OP about a number of classes offered in university in general.

    It really depends on if the professor is an intrinsic part of the course or not. If a prof is shit, it distracts from the material being presented. If the prof is awesome then they add to the enjoyment and passion of the subject at hand.

    It could also depend on whether a course is subjective or objective and if it's historical. Usually courses that are objective have a definite right/wrong basis or a correct outcome. Subjective may not be, but how you present your conclusion needing another source for validation, ie. the prof or other students. Either could be learned on one's own if they're historical as the knowledge is already made and can usually be found with other sources.

    But it also depends on the person's learning style. Some like to learn from another as it's easier to be guided. Others like the self-challenge. Depends on how you learn or what you expect from a university education.