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Updated on Thursday, October 8


I wonder if the University will ever start trying to detect if the students are using pirated software to complete their work (ie. MATLAB, etc.) and consider that as an academic offence.


  1. No. If, for example I use a pirated version of MATLAB on my computer how would they know? The files submitted in programming courses etc are just text files so you wouldn't be able to tell they were created with a pirated version.

    I do all my dev work on my own computer; set up all the tools etc. They could never know if I use pirated software.

    Now, if I installed pirated software on school computers that could be different.

  2. who would bother? and why?

    1. Because the university is in league with Big Software, maaaaaan!

  3. pirating is against the law but how would this be an acaemic offence

  4. i knew a pirate once. he was top of his class but due to policy 71 he was removed from uw, due to plagiarism. don't do it

  5. I was a pirate once, and then I got scurvy! Not even once, kids!