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Updated on Wednesday, October 7


OMG: I've noticed that a higher proportion of asian girls have nice smooth hair compared to other girls. Like if there's 2 girls with straight hair and one is asian, I notice she'll often have better looking hair. Why is this

- Confused guy who knows nothing about hair styling and stuff


  1. It has to do with a couple of things- mainly the shape of the hair follicld. If the follicle is circular (as is the case with many Asian women) the hair will lie very flat, very easily. This also allows the cuticles (think shingles) of the hair to be smooth and not frizzy. If the follicle is squashed, the hair curls making it difficult for the cuticles to lie flat, and giving a frizzier appearance. Even if someone with a squashed follicle straightens their hair, the texture of their hair is still very different.