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Updated on Tuesday, October 6


OMG: Was in the DC library and had my headphones plugged into the mic jack on my laptop. Opened up a video for a quick second and blasted "FUCK, STORM TROOPER AIM MAN" by accident. If you heard that I'd like to formally apologize. Whoops :S


  1. It could be worse. You could be the guy in the lecture who thought his headphones were plugged in and he ended up blasting the audio from a porno to the whole hall. Yes there's a video out there.

  2. lmao. which class is this?


    2. OP here. I was ABOUT to study for Stat 230 but livestreams of the Star Wars Battlefront beta began showing up on my skype feed. I'm really excited for this game so I'm like, "why not check one of them out for a couple minutes!"

      I thought my headphones were plugged in. They were not. I blame stat 230!!