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Updated on Tuesday, October 6


OMG: After not speaking to an ex for many months and completely getting over our relationship (at least I thought I was), we started speaking yesterday and decided to meet this week for coffee, just to catch up. I'm so nervous, don't know if I should go.
I'm worried that I'll end up falling for him all over again. Thinking negatively about him doesn't help because the break up, although not mutual (i was dumped), was done really sweetly and I had no complaints even when we were together. How many of you regularly speak to your exes on the phone and meet up, even though you don't really need to? (we don't have many mutual friends)


  1. If you don't want to get back with him, don't do it. I've made the same mistake; literally just meeting to catch up. It's too easy to fall for an ex. You remember all the good stuff and never any of the bad stuff that caused you to be broken up. Currently in a shitty FWB situation with him that I am mustering up the balls to end soon:(

  2. Don't do it. What has changed? What do you think will be different this time? You already sound hesitant and really reluctant to go, all I can say is don't.

    If a relationship breaks up amicably and we genuinely enjoy just hanging out together than yeah sure we'll stay in touch, but like man that rarely happens in my experience. Some exes you just wave at on the street in passing, and others you cross the street to avoid lmao. Only you can decide what you want to do.

    Keep moving on, meet new people, stay busy. Decline, delete them on facebook, and hit the gym.