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Updated on Tuesday, October 6


OMG: If you are sick...STAY THE FUCK!!!

-This is for you guy sneezing, coughing and spewing germs everywhere without covering your mouth... you sick fuck!

MOD'S NOTE: Agree with OP, stay the fuck guys.


  1. okay I will stay the fuck. But how much fuck do they stay if only half sick. Do they stay the fuck in only half measures? What if they are walking by, do they stay the fuck or do they go the fuck? How much fuck should they stay the if they are coughing while they are also covering?? pls i want to know so i can tell them what to do to better suit me and my needs.

  2. whether you are half sick, 1/4 sick, or completely sick. You are still sick. Just be courteous and keep your distance.