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Updated on Sunday, October 4


OMG: There's so much more to life after university. Whats the use in comparing yourself to others while you are here? Whats the benefit in comparing your grades or coops? You WILL look back when your life is settled and wonder why you worried in the first place.


  1. Do you really think you are giving some wise observation? Sounds to me you are lacking in every aspect of your life so the only way you cope is to lower the value on what society looks highly upon. Hard work and dedication can seem less to you because you live in a dream world while other live in the present.
    But keep on dreaming!! Keep on thinking the value of accomplishment is nothing compared to your "life" after uni!!!

    1. Eh, OPs mostly on the right track. "Don't compare yourself to others" is a good standard to live by. There will always be people in the world better at things than you (including the things you're good at)/better-off than you, and there will always be people who are worse at things than you/worse-off than you. If you constantly worry about how you're doing relative to everyone else, you'll either be vain or you'll be bitter.

      Yes - push yourself to achieve. Seek accomplishment. But be proud of your accomplishments for what they are, and because they're yours - not because of how they compare to your peers.

    2. I love how you judge my life based on one statement . l work my ass off and its ended me up as top 5% of my class with good coops. If I do compare, its to push myself harder, that's the only motivation I see out of comparing, and it does work. However, I know if you don't have a control over how you compare, the grass will always be greener on the other side. You will achieve your success only to find yourself comparing to others at a higher level up. Sort of like how Waterloo kids do it even though going to Waterloo with co-op alone puts you in a position much better than others.. Much much better.

      I'm not saying don't work hard, work hard but realise everyone's lives are different, others have success in certain areas but pitfalls in others. Compare to work hard, that's it. Don't think too much about it.

    3. What a jackass comment, 1.