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Updated on Thursday, October 1


OMG: Times Higher Education Ranking from the UK is a joke LOL according to them, UWaterloo climbed from the range of 250-275 last year to 179 this year. Almost 100 places ahead in a year, no one university can improve itself so drastically in one year LOL heck, they are renowned for propping up their own schools' ranks in the UK by doing sh_t to their criteria LOL


  1. Actually, in those massive rankings lists, it's not an unusual thing for some schools to bounce around hugely. The one thing that DOESN'T fluctuate much year-to-year is the very top of the list (where individual schools might swap places, but a newcomer breaking in is rare).

  2. Their Methodology changed this year:
    "But we also made three major decisions that inevitably have had an impact on the results – changes we believe are for the better. We have increased the number of institutions ranked from 400 to 800; changed our bibliometric data supplier; and rebalanced our Academic Reputation Survey."

  3. As the OP says, UK based ratings are incredible biased in favour of British Universities. The top 15 or so institutions minus British ones are usually rather consistent across rankings, though no one else puts CALTECH as close to #1 as the Times Higher Education, but yeah, as groups, the rankings more or less stand.

    Group 1: Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Cambridge

    Group 2: Oxford, Chicago, Yale, Cornell, Caltech, UCBerkeley, Columbia, UCLA, ETH Zurich

    Group 3: UCSD, Toronto, UCL, Tokyo, University of Washington, Michigan, etc.

    Now, those are rankings as a whole. Problem is no one attends university as a whole, but individual departments, so the value of rankings for students is rather limited.

  4. Who the fuck cares?