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Updated on Thursday, October 1


OMG: So caught my SO on r/gonewild, now I'm looking for long blue dresses that looks like the one the girl was wearing in the pics at 3 in the morning. 

MOD'S NOTE: Keep it civil guys.


  1. I'm confused. Do you mean you caught them looking at gonewild, or you were on gonewild and you found that they had posted there?

  2. Why were you looking through his browsing history? And what do you think will happen when he sees you with that dress (what's the point of this)?

    1. +1 Guys don't look at porn because they want that in real life for the most part. Its just a wank.

  3. It's kind of cute that you want to surprise him and share or take part in his fantasies :) but maybe his fantasy isn't what she was wearing woops.

    If you really want a blue dress go for it I guess? But honestly he may not even recognize it. Just have realistic expectations and maybe best of all have a good talk with him about what you're both into and how you can mutually arouse or satisfy each other best. Good luck! :)

  4. Her* her* her* she* her*

  5. stupid lesbian bitch - maybe you deserved it

  6. fucking confusing post.