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Updated on Tuesday, September 29


OMG: In high school I was obsessive about my weight. Not anorexic, but I would weigh myself daily and often ate only a granola bar for lunch to stay slim. My Chinese parents also watched everything that went into my mouth, and came up with ridiculous rules like "no carbs after 7pm" and "only eat fruit in the morning".

Fast forward to Waterloo, and after two years away from them I've slowly become healthier and came to terms with the fact that my ideal weight isn't my high school weight. However every four months when I see my parents they sneer at my thighs and tell me that I looked way better two years ago. Anyone else feel like they're in the same boat?

(For the record I'm 5'4" and 122lb, way within the normal range)


  1. Nice :) congrats on the mental health progression :)

  2. Your parents need to be whipped.

  3. Not to that extent. I have been constantly told since the beginning of high school that I need to lose weight. More so since I started university 3 years ago.
    While I was certainly not slim to begin with and I can see that I've gained some weight since high school, I'm pretty happy with where I am. 5'2" 117lbs
    I'm also Chinese, so it could be a cultural thing. But I don't think so.
    In any case, keep up the good work. Be healthy, be happy!

  4. It's an asian parent thing. It's always you're either too fat or you're too skinny.
    I ignore it. But that is how I became desensitized to any insults that come my way.

  5. Wow that's horrendous. Tell your parents to eff off

  6. So THAT'S how Asian girls are so scrawny! Everything makes sense now. Glad you are healthier, OP. I feel less bad about my being overweight now.

  7. u sound hot, can we meet

  8. Sit on your stick parents. Tell them if they are still able to complain then that means that you're a healthy weight, otherwise your sheer poundage would squeeze the breath out of their lungs.