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Updated on Tuesday, September 29


OMG: Seriously, I need to know, what happens when you tell counselling services at UW that you're having self harming thoughts? Will they take me in right away? What happens?


  1. Tell them and find out.

  2. Why, are you planning on harming yourself?

  3. Counselling services may not be the best place to get urgent help, but they can definitely support you long term.
    May I recommend you head to Mental Health Services on the 2nd floor of the Health Services building instead?
    Whenever I was feeling unsafe or afraid I would do something to myself, I could just go up to the second floor and tell the receptionist and they would always do their best to ensure I was seen as soon as I needed.

    1. Counseling services is on the second floor of health services too. They do urgent crisis work not just long term. Did you see a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or a counselor without a PhD?

  4. If you are a danger to yourself they will see you right away.

  5. They won't take you away for self-harm. They only intervene if you are going to take your own life. They are a huge help.

  6. It's kind of funny how no one gets OP's point. They will only take you seriously if you insist you're having thoughts of self harm. Suicide is not something that happens in a day, it's something that is the byproduct of prolonged emotional distress. It's funny how people don't seem to get that.