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Updated on Tuesday, September 29


OMG: Just watched a random YouTube video which had the following statement in it: "Blinding laser systems have been banner under international law"

And it's a thing:

Ok... who will actually follow this "international law" in war? You can use rockets, shrapnel, artillery, grenades, etc. but blinding lasers, that's where we draw the line? I think war in general should be banned. And the fact that there are these laws just makes war seem like a game.

Humanity has enough technology and weapons to blow the world up a million times over, but it seems our morality isn't quite as advanced.


  1. You need to read your history mate. You'd be surprised at a lot of things.

  2. Makes sense, given the number of aircraft almost crashed by idiot/terrorist civilians pointing lasers at cockpits at Pearson alone.