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Updated on Monday, September 28


OMG: I'm constantly confused about what I want from my personal life. Was manipulated a lot in my previous relationship. So until I learn to trust again, I want to stay away from dating for a while. At the same time though, I look at this loving couple that I live with and just want that so bad for myself as well. Any other people feel the same way? I wish I could just choose one side and stick to it!


  1. Ya I've been/still sorta am there. Not to be cocky or anything but I'm a pretty decent looking guy 8.5 I'd say who never has a problem getting numbers and whatnot but when I was in a relationship I would be completely loyal, deny advances from girls because I wasn't single and not do anything that could be construed as cheating. Well after being cheated on and manipulated in 2 previous relationships I've become a jaded asshole. I just lie and cheat and hold no loyalty anymore cause that's generally how I view other people are. I wish I was wrong about people (in pretty misanthropic) but I don't think I am so now I just look after myself. If you can keep your faith in people, I would suggest you try because I feel pretty unfulfilled with my views and actions but I think I'm fucked up beyond repair. If you still have hope, try to hold on to it because once its gone, its gone.

    1. A pretty clear consequence of relationships built on mutual narcissism.

  2. Lol @1a jealous 5.5 reporting in.

  3. Hey OP, I was manipulated a lot in my previous relationship and it scarred me. It's been nearly 2 years and I still haven't attempted dating again, but I feel sad/lonely whenever I see couples together. If you're willing to give it a shot, perhaps find a friend who could introduce you to someone they know? It'd help build some trust since you'd have a mutual friend. Good luck!

  4. It must be tough on you guys but I hope you will find someone who will make you trust again! I just wish that you wouldn't hurt other people the same way they hurt you :(