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Updated on Wednesday, September 23


OMG: I don't like this daily updates thing, every other day would be better given how many posts are going up at once.

MOD'S NOTE: I don't know what y'all want anymore.  


  1. Ignore this one, MODS. Daily updates are the best - the site feels so much more lively since you brought them back.

    The nice thing about daily updates is that you DON'T have a WALL of new posts to contend with every update - it's just 2 or 3 new ones at the top of the page, and the old stuff gets shifted down the line. Usually that means a post gets 3 or 4 days before it's far enough down that it isn't discussed anymore, which means we don't get into hissy fits over irrelevant garbage as much.

    TL;DR I <3 Daily Updates :)

  2. OP here, I just want enough posts to justify checking for updates daily. I like more posts as opposed to more frequent posts. I was in the "update daily" camp, until I saw like 3 posts a day making it through.

    1. So you check every other day. The rest of us will check daily. Solved.
      You're whining like those dumb kids who want assignments due earlier. Fucking finish them earlier if you want, and let the rest of us enjoy the extension.

  3. Daily updates are better. Mods seriously can't consider a single opinion with no logic behind it to be representative of the whole community...

  4. one star seems way too much for this post


  6. Those daily updates since Wednesday though....