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Updated on Wednesday, September 23


OMG: I used to eat at wasabi all the time, but bento sucks :'( No idea where to get my quick sushi fix now. Everything is expensive and plaza sushi sucks.


  1. Yeah I don't like Bento nearly as much either.

    I like my sushi simple - nothing weird or avant garde about it. Wasabi did that, Bento doesn't. I mean, smoked salmon and mascarpone? What is this shit?!

    What happened to nice packages of plain sushi and sashimi?

  2. Yeah same!!! Wasabi was fresh, plain and simple. Apparently bento came to have more diverse options... but a butter chicken bowl at a sushi place?

    The couple that worked there were so nice too at Wasabi. They even had sashimi boxes. Very fresh. Did FEDs fire them or something??? :( Why would they do that?

  3. Feds is looking for feedback on Bento, email with your feedback, it goes to Alexander Kelly, so alternatively email him.

    Personally, I think it is garbage being sold at a premium grade (for bento box sushi) price.

  4. Wasabi wasn't the greatest, but it was a hell of a lot better than Bento. Their rice and fish and avocado...everything that makes sushi good is all shit. So shitty that my mouth and stomach don't even classify it as sushi, since it does NOT satisfy my sushi cravings.

    I used to eat from Wasabi 3 times a week. Now my only options for ACTUAL sushi are expensive all-you-can-eat or go far for decent-priced non-all-you-can-eat.

    I hope Bento (at least on campus) fails horribly and Wasabi comes back ASAP.

    1. Wasabi isn't coming back, the owners are retiring. Regardless, it should be easily doable to get someone in there who can do sushi justice. Hell, Feds could hire me to run it in house, I only require that I be given a chef's salary. I have the food service experience, and know how to make sushi.

  5. GO TO KITCHENER!!! Kinkaku Izakaya, BEST SUSHI EVERRR!! :D

  6. Yeah Bento doesn't put enough raw salmon on the sushi except for the really expensive ones :/ I like my raw fish