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Updated on Wednesday, September 23


OMG: Not entirely sure, but pretty sure I saw 2 guys stealing bikes around EV3 tonight. I was guna tell them off but I was too scared :( Be careful of where you keep your bikes guys!


  1. I saw them 2 days ago. were they in their 30s? 2 white males. they kinda look like dudes from biker gangs.

    1. The guys I saw seemed like they were in their 20s..but they were white males for sure!

  2. When you see something like this call campus police or even 911, give exact location of the incident and if safe and from a distance so they don't see you and attack you take a pic for the police. The campus police like it when people call in this stuff, many times police will come, stop the fellows and some checking around can lead to the bust of a massive theft ring.

    There have been many big cases solved this way, always always always, if it looks like they are stealing, something seems out of place, call campus police stay on the phone with them and they will check the guys out and make sure all is ok.