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Updated on Tuesday, September 22


OMG: The new waterloo print system is the SHITTIEST FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT EVER. literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I have tried printing it had random errors like not sending the job, or printing somebody else's work, or just plain not responding. I've wasted at least 5 dollars on this piece of fucking rat turd system so far, and keep getting email notifications of other people printing on my account. whoever decided to switch the golden old system is a fucking Nazi. CHANGE IT. CHANGE IT BACK NOW.


  1. Hi, I'm interested in knowing more details, like what faculty/libraries you've tried, what operating systems, colour versus B&W, anything you can think of. You can tell me anonymously here if you want, or Email to Have others tell me too so I know it's not just one person. The committee that oversees campus-wide initiatives is CTSC. I'm the represntative from Engineering where we haven't gone to uprint.

  2. Uprint doesnt even work - go to and you can't even ping the site because it doesnt resolve ... unless you have to be on eduroam or something but thats pretty stupid if thats the case that you cant submit something at home, and release it on your mobile when you get to the printer

    1. Hmmm, home printing appears to work, you just have to connect to the campus VPN. has instructions. It tiakes some time to set up the first day, but then it's pretty easy, just a click and a password on future days. I guess that should be documented somewhere.

      What other problems are there? Why is your money being lost?

  3. Not OP but I printed at Porter and got my job easy peasy but, when I got home and checked my email, it said that 3 additional jobs had been sent to the printer for me (all labs so definitely not mine). It was fine for me since they wouldn't have been able to sign in at the printer with my credentials but I bet it was a bother for them to head over to the printer and to not be able to get their printing. The issue seems to be, for me, that there's no clear way to disassociate your credentials from the computer. I printer two things and didn't have to put them in for my second job, which means that the computer is remembering them. So, when the next person goes to print (if the computer hasn't reset itself), their print job will be attached to my account.

  4. if you use the computers that everyone uses just to print (~30 seconds) in the new system, it keeps you "logged in" to the print system for 1-5 minutes. that's probably why