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Updated on Monday, September 21


OMG: You ever have those friends who seem to ask for favours all the time and act like they never owe you anything? Yeah, fuck those people. 

True story. I once put a roof over a friend's head for two weeks while he was searching for housing. A month or two later, he wouldn't let me crash on his floor, or drive me to the greyhound station. Then, when I called him out, he got mad at me for expecting any favours in return.

Too bad he's in a friend circle with me and I can't just call out the sheer shit quality of this guy's character. 


  1. I feel your pain OP. Usually those "friends" don't last long and it's best to avoid them altogether after you find out they can be defined as such. Never a good time being associated with a parasite.

    Had that happen to me a few years ago (2009 ish). Went out of my way to try make sure a classmates’ first year was positive because I knew how important it was in regards to finding co-op after that. I wanted to drop out of my program as I didn't find it very useful, but decided to stay to help her out, along with pressure from my parents to finish. This was a huge mistake. I offered her help from everything from being a friend who was there if she needed a person to talk to, to helping her with various projects such as predicting financial markets and a class project that accurately predicted the asset bubble and other various economic events that have happened since then to help her with her future. I even took the fall for an idiot who claimed they handed in an assignment and then lied about it. I needed help in the end, twice, and both times I was ignored by this person I helped. Once was a simple misunderstanding regarding Algebra, and the other was when I was having personal problems. I would be ignored, but if they wanted something, like me voting for her friend in some farce of an election, then I would be contacted. In the end I was told that she didn’t care as much as I thought she cared and she also scolded me for leaving my program to start a personal social project involving mental health that seems to have really taken off thankfully. I realized that it was up to me to decide if I want someone that detrimental in my life. If I know she’s a bitch why put up with it? Lol to that I was told “how dare I be that way.”

    Conversely it’s awesome when you have true friendship. I have a childhood friend who came out with me to Alberta in 2004. I had to leave my family and friends to find work. He came out with me along with another friend. It was a fucking blast honestly. Made so much money. It would come to an end when a family member of his was in a really bad car accident back home. He didn’t want to drive all the way back alone so I hopped in the car with him and we chugged some energy drinks and drove the entire night taking shifts. A few years ago he asked what he should invest in, GICs and the like. I told him housing. He’s now a multimillionaire and the last time I visited we chugged a few bottles of scotch older than the last fuck friend I had. C’est la vie.

    Get rid of the loser. Get some new friends. Find someone worth your time.

    1. The Scotch was 18 years old you pervs.

    2. OP here. I'm used to getting rid of those straggler friends, but it's a little more challenging when you're in a group of friends with them. If you're the host of the party for this group, now you gotta have this asshat over.

    3. Cool story Hansel.

    4. 1b, don't invite them. Friends of friends don't always have to be in on you things and if anyone asks you can just explain exactly like you did here. No one I've ever met would fault you if the things you said are true.

    5. 1 here. Yeah OP social dynamics/roles are shit. I guess you'll have to put up with them for the time being. Lesson learned though, don't give or help if you expect something in return. The bright side is that these people usually have to cut corners just to achieve average standing. Most of the time they are doomed to fail and you don't want to be dragged down with them.

  2. *chugged a few bottles of scotch*


  3. well you live, you learn, jsut don't help this guy out anymore in the future