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Updated on Wednesday, September 16


OMG: Something about jamming issues for wifi?

"Recently, I've noticed that WiFi connection has been jammed in select buildings on campus. In these buildings, it will take a significantly longer time for your device to connect to the internet (min. 30-45 minutes variable on type of device), and your WiFi session will be a lot more susceptible to being timed out.
I'm listing the following buildings that have been affected by this WiFi jam (I will update the list as I get other buildings that have a similar issue):
-Davis Center (DC)
-Arts Lecture Hall (AL)
-Mathematics & Computer Building (MC)
-South Campus Hall (SCH)
-St. Paul's Residence
-Village 1 Residence
-Hagey Hall
-J. Rod Coutts Engineering Hall (RCH)

If any of your lectures are located within these buildings, please ensure that you print OR download the lecture notes ahead of time if possible. I will keep you guys up to date regarding the internet issue on the listed buildings. Also, please let me know if you've experienced internet connection issues in other buildings as well."


  1. Follow the IST bulletin:

  2. Renison had this issue today as well