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Updated on Wednesday, September 9


OMG: Ahh, orientation week:

The time of the year when the engineers get balls of yarn taped to the ground to tell them where to go.

My question is, shouldn't engineers be the group requires these yarns the least? Aren't they paid to like, read maps and shit?


  1. These kids can't even cross the street safely. How the hell are they expected to actually use their brains to be able to use a map?

  2. Nah. Theyre paid to build houses

  3. The point of the yarn isn't so much to provide navigation to different colour groups' team headquarters. It's there to make a visible presence on campus and help boost spirit. Seeing the different colour yarn when you go around campus shows that something is happening. With that being said, a student can follow the yarns and check out the different headquarters if they wish, since they are usually given directions to only their own headquarters. In addition, there is usually an unofficial competition to lay out the yarn in as many ridiculous ways as possible. This is why they sometimes twirl around objects or hang off tree branches. This is again to help contribute to the overall theme of promoting team spirit and the laid back setting of orientation week.

    I would encourage you to learn more about the traditions and values of orientation week, either by participating in it or learning indirectly from others who do, before you start openly bashing on its associated practices and the engineering students who volunteer for their time to make it all happen.